Making a mosaic

This is one of the websites i using your pictures to make one mosaic picture of yours. This is not exactly the website i told my professor but is a similar one. Try it out is fun.

Click here

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This is the last blog for the class

This is the last blog for my summer Digital Imaging I class but that doesn’t mean i will not post anymore. I want to thank my professor Krikun for putting up with me this class. I learned so much and i will use it in my work. I am looking forward to taking more classes in this field because is so fascinating and the possibilities are endless. In the beginning i was terrified ¬†because i have no background in arts, but when i started to get used to the software i loved it. I recommend this class for everyone because is so good to know things even outside of your field work. Knowledge is everything.

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Ideas worth spreading

I am obsessed with TED Talks and this video is so inspiring. I absolutely love this one and i urge you to check it out.

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I came across this website and i wanted to share it with you because i thought it was very cool and it is all about the motion graphics. It has numerous videos that are very interesting.  I hope you enjoy it. Click here

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Very interesting video even though collage is not my strongest point but still very interesting.

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Even though we are not into motion graphics yet i wanted to post this video because it is so informative and it shows you a timeline of how it has evolved.

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The man who turns news into art


I love the 60 Minute show and i am a regular viewer. When i saw this video i got so excited because it was talking about how sketches are so important to have in order to have a final product. I wanted to show this because thats what my professor told me in my digital class “sketches are very important ti visualize the end product”.

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